What our car rental customers have to say about their experience!



November 10, 2007


"I needed a car rental for local use and checked pricing and availability  at a number of rental companies.  The most economical for any vehicle  was infinity and I was very satisfied with the cleanliness and operation  of the car."   ~Anonymous



November 12, 2008


"My car was totaled and I was entitled to a rental.  I chose to go with Infinity Auto Rental, although,  the Insurance Company was really pushing Enterprise.  I couldn't help  but wonder why?  I was really glad that I chose Infinity Auto Rental.   Joe, the owner is a nice guy and professional and friendly.  He got me  into a 2007 Malibu.  He told me to return it with the same amount of gas  that I got it with, which was 1/4 tank.  That was awesome, considering the gas prices.  I had the car for  3 weeks  because of dealing with the insurance company (not in a bad way).  It  got extended in a few day increments. Infinity kept in contact with me  and he handled talking to the insurance company regarding the rental.   This made it easier for me.  I recommend that if you need a car rental, go with Infinity Auto Rental!!  I have nothing but good things to say about this rental company, and you will too!  I just wish I didn't have to give the car back, it was a really nice car!!"                                                                                                                                               ~Jeanne T.  



October 15, 2009

"I needed a larger car to pick up my daughter from college.  Joe  Gallo was helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  The van  was clean, attractive, and ran well.  His office in W. Springfield is a  little hidden on Baldwin Street, but it's worth finding.  The rates are  better and the same across the board and there are no gimmicky  'half-price' coupons to find.  He doesn't sell the extra insurance  products, so you don't get guilt-tripped into buying something you don't  need, (If you have comprehensive on the car you're not using it transfers to the rental car if to cover things like rocks hitting the  window)."  ~A. Roberts



December 2012


"We were traveling to Central Massachusetts on business, and all  the other rental car companies near the Springfield Amtrak station  closed after 5:00.  Our train arrived at 6:45, and while Infinity wasn't  open as well, Joe arranged to leave one of his cars at a parking lot near the station for us.  There was a lot of trust involved in this  transaction both on Joe's part and on our part, and it went as smoothly  as it could have possibly gone.  Plus, Joe gave us a ride back to the  station when it was time for us to depart.  If you need a rental car in Springfield, call infinity!" Rated Overall Excellent.  ~A Google User



mDecember 2012


Rated Quality Very Good.  ~Ana Maysonet



October 24,2013


"I had a good experience with  Infinity Auto Rental.  The owner gave me a mid-size car for the compact  price which was nice.  After returning the car, I realized I left my  watch in the car.  I thought it would be gone, but he returned it to me  days later.  Thanks!" ~Jim R.


 Positive Customer Experience by Marie G. of Agawam, MA


"January 2015, I found Infinity Auto Rental in West Springfield, Mass.,  in an online search when I recently had to leave my Subaru Baja in a  local repair shop for up to a week for a head gasket job.  I couldn't be  more impressed with the professionalism and customer service of this  company located nearby to national rental companies such as Enterprise  and Hertz.  I have used both of these companies, and the rental is often  accompanied with the hard sell about the need to buy supplementary  insurance.  It was important to me that I be able to make a seamless  transfer between dropping off my car for service and getting into a  rental car and on my way.  Although Enterprise and Hertz advertise  drop-off and pick-up services I was alarmed by reviews I read online  concerning their reliability.  To be fair, I recently used Enterprise  and was picked up and dropped off, but this seemed dependent upon the  timing.  If i got there too close to closing time all bets were off.  On  a frigid day, Joe, the owner of Infinity, personally picked me up in a  heated rental car and also dropped me off on my return.  Although I had  rented the car for a week, he also gave me a discount when my auto  repair was done ahead of schedule and I returned the car early.  To top  it off, Infinity sent me a nice thank you note for renting from them.   As a lawyer who was a daily newspaper journalist for two decades  cynicism runs deep in my veins.  My background also leads me to place a  premium on truth.  Infinity offers top-notch customer service at  reasonable prices.  How often do you find that these days?  If you need a  rental car call Infinity first.  This company could teach the national  chains a lesson or two about customer service."