Privacy Policy



Revised, Updated, and Effective 1/20/2013

Infinity Auto Rental Inc. respects the sensitivity of the personal and confidential information you provide to us through our web site, US postal service, emails, mobile devices, and at our rental counter or place of business.  In our industry, first priority is placed on safety.  The protection and security of your personal and confidential information is no different and we take it very seriously.

Federal Law requires that all of our customers are informed as to how we collect, use, share, and secure personal identifiable information and the rights you have to limit its use.  We have written this Policy Statement in an effort to help you understand how we process and handle the security of your personal and confidential information.  By your continued use of our web site and our products and services you accept and agree to its content. 

How do we collect information about you?

We collect information that you voluntarily give to us in the process of inquiring about a product or service we provide, making a reservation, or completing a sales transaction all by using one or more of the following means of communication:

When you visit our web site

When you visit our business office

When you call or email our business office

When an insurance company, automobile repair facility, or the like, contacts us on your behalf

What information do we collect about you?

We collect the personal information needed to take and process your reservation, complete your vehicle rental agreement, or to complete any other sales transactions upon your request relating to your business with us.  We may collect some or all of the following:



Drivers License No., State, Exp. Date

Date of Birth

Home/Cell Phone Numbers

Employer Information

Insurance Information

Payment Information

We may from time to time use a review written by you to place on our web site strictly for testimonial purposes.  If you wish for us not to use your written review please contact us via, US postal service, email, phone, or web and we will promptly remove it.

What information we do not collect about you?

We do not collect or use cookies, IP addresses, or other tracking devices to follow you around the web.  It is not because we don't like you, but we feel this is also a violation of your privacy and we respect your right to browse freely.  However, when you are visiting or navigating our site, cookies, IP addresses, browser types, or operating systems may be inadvertently stored or used by our affiliates beyond our control.  It is your choice and your right to disable cookies through a setting on your browser.

How do we use the information you provide to us?

We use your personal information to conduct business upon your request as follows:

To process a reservation and prepare a rental agreement

To enforce a rental agreement

To comply with the law and law enforcement agencies

To manage claims with insurance companies related to your use of our vehicle

For payment and collection purposes 

To direct bill a third party on your behalf

To complete any other sales transaction upon your request

For future promotions or correspondence with you

It is your right to opt-out of future correspondence from us and we respect that right.  Please contact us via, US postal service, email, phone, or web and let us know.

Do we share your personal information?

We will never sell or trade your personal information to a third party.

We may provide some of your personal information, only to the extent necessary to conduct business upon your request. We may provide information to the following on your behalf or relating to your use or purchase of our vehicle:

To insurance companies

To vehicle repair facilities and the like

To law enforcement agencies

To collection agencies

To a third party accepting responsibility for payment of your rental

To facilitate a quote from a third party business provider to complete a vehicle repair, rental, or sale upon your request

How do we secure your information?

We have security measures in place to protect the information you provide to us. Our web site is protected by an SSL Certificate which allows for the secure encrypted transmission of your personal information.  We will never ask that you provide credit or bank information on our web site when making a reservation.  We will never ask that you email or use mobile devices to provide us with your credit or bank information.  All credit, bank, and payment transactions will be handled at our rental counter or place of business.

Our employees understand the importance of compliance with the law to protect and secure personal and confidential information provided to us.  We secure and hold all contracts, rental agreements, payment receipts, etc. for retention purposes and laws only.  They are destroyed using proper means of shredding after retention periods have expired. Although all of our computer systems are password protected we do not save or store personal information on the system once a contract has been closed or sale completed.  Only employees working in our secure office environment will have access to personal information for the use in preparing reservations, rental agreements, or for billing and sales purposes.  After the termination of an employee all passwords and alarm system codes are reset and keys revoked.

In a world dictated by technology it is almost impossible to conduct business without it.  We realize that there will always be security risks involved. You can be confident that we are committed to securely maintaining your personal and confidential information with the utmost of care and that we will stay pro-active in implementing measures to keep it secure.

How can we be contacted?

We welcome your comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions to better serve you in the continued success of protecting and securing your information.  Please write to:

Infinity Auto Rental Inc.
74-80 Baldwin St.
West Springfield, MA 01089


If you would like to opt-out of the way we use any of your information please contact us via, US postal service, email, phone, or web. However, if you opt-out of certain criteria needed to process reservations, rental agreements, or contracts, we may not be able to serve you.

Will your policy ever change?

In the event that our policy or procedures change in the way we collect, use, share, and secure your personal information a dated revised version will be updated to our site.